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Nawa is a site engineer by day, and a comic artist by night

1. What made you want to be an artist?

I consider myself a hobbyist artist, since I don't do this as my day job. Art has always been my dear hobby, and to be honest, I didn't have any others when I was younger.

2. Did you confront any challenges along the way that almost pushed you away from painting, if so, what were they?

I've had many art blocks, but I've never considered quitting drawing. I might have had a tough time with my self criticism and time managing, but I'll always grab a pen sooner or later again.

Having a day job where I sit most of the day in front of computer has also affected my willingness to continue sitting on a computer (drawing) on my free time.

3. What does an average day normally look like, and how do you fit creating into real life?

My day job starts at 7:00 AM, and ends at 3:30 PM. I've made my comic schedule with Yaruno fit my life without it burning me out, so some days I can draw a little after work and sometimes I can just chill on my afternoon. With S2 I fell back on my schedule a bit and lost my buffer chapter, so now I pretty much crunch one week to finish the pages after my work hours, and then the next week I relax the afternoons and have some free time.

I've noticed after such a long project it's important that I have enough time for doing other stuff in my life than work / draw, otherwise I might grow sick of creating art and might want to stop working on the comic.

4. Have your family and friends always accepted your career choices and dreams?

I've always kept my drawing hobby as my own business, and don't really share it IRL. I stopped sharing my art IRL when I was around 12. It made me uncomfortable for some reason. The same goes for Glacias, only few people know about this project. It's not a secret, but I like to keep it to myself for some reason, but those who know about it have been very supportive!

5. How did you meet each other, and was Glacias a story you planned together?

Yaruno contacted me on Deviantart, and we started exchanging thoughts from there.

6. What are some of your major dreams or goals in life?

I wish to find peace of mind and balance in life.

7. Ultimately, what do you hope to accomplish in your craft?

I draw mostly to ease my own mind, but I wish to be able to inspire someone with their own art. It's amazing to read comments telling me that they have started drawing again after seeing my art.

8. Is there anything you would like to tell your fans out there?

I wish to remind everyone to not compare themselves to others too harshly and to remember to give yourself permission to relax and do nothing. Keep doing you, because you're the best you there is!

Also I'd like to include my fav bands/music: Kingdom of Giants and AURORA

Art by Nawa

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